Announced just a few days ago, the Broussard native sports bar named Fat Pat's Bar and Grill has broken ground in Lake Charles. I have not personally heard of this place, but I ran across a YouTube page from Lafayette Lifestyle.

Fat Pat's was started in 2006, and the name originates from a made-up name with the mindset that you should never trust a skinny cook. The joint has TVs and a bar as we would expect, but it also features various bar-type activities. The food seems to be the MVP of this Louisiana sports bar. Lafayette Lifestyle highlights a peanut butter bacon burger, pork fries, and a huge plate of what Pat's calls their ultimate nachos.

Since 2006, Fat Pat's has opened multiple locations around Louisiana. Lake Charles will be their sixth location, with more to come. According to the post made by Developing Lake Charles, the Lake Charles location will boast 70 TVs, a family zone, and 7,000 square feet of area to move around in. It will be located on Dillard Loop in Lake Charles. There was no opening date mentioned, but I am sure it won't be long before we are eating entirely too much food and wearing our stretchy pants.

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