Do yourself a favor and download the Lake Charles Historic Tour app, it's amazing. Even if you've lived in Lake Charles your entire life I bet you will learn at least one new thing about this beautiful city from the app. You can chose between a one hour tour or a thirty minute tour to listen to as you cruise around LC. The interactive app let's you explore the area at your own pace and is filled with fun facts and information about all of the historical stops along the way.

If you are looking for something on the spooky side this October, or any time of the year, you can try "fright-seeing" through eerie Calcasieu, with stops at Bilbo Cemetery and the haunted Calcasieu Courthouse this spooky stroll around the city is bound to get you in the Halloween spirit! Who knew there was so much spooky history in Lake Charles? It's amazing how much you can learn just by taking a look around.

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