Before we move on, I am simply writing about what I ran across on the internet. Please don't ask to speak to my manager if this offends you.

A recent movement flooding Twitter and Facebook is the #dontcallmekaren hashtag. The running joke is that this type of haircut: a short bob with a gradual increase in length as it goes closer to the face.

I am not exactly sure why the name Karen has become one with this style of haircut, but it sure does fit at times. Some people from the movement are comparing it to being akin to racism, but towards a haircut. I would almost assume it is like calling someone with a mullet white trash. Have you ever seen someone with a mullet ask for a manager, though?

However, Twitter seems to be mostly one sided about the situation.

I am going to assume this is an entire joke of satire started by someone who was just bored while social distancing, but it still makes you wonder if, suddenly, a giant mob of Range Rovers, bejeweled jeans, foam flip flops, and Starbucks cups are going to show up on the front lawn of the White House in protest.

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