You're dressed up nice, the champagne is on ice, and now it's time to sit down to a romantic meal. The server brings your meal to you and asks if you'd like more syrup. In 2008, a Waffle House in Georgia was the first to offer a romantic Valentine's Day meal for your better half. Now, the chain has participating stores across the nation getting involved with these romantic dinners, served with a side of bacon.


Although locations differ on how they participate, usually the chains offer white table cloths, flowery centerpieces, and five-star service at one-star prices. In some locations, you can even call in and make a reservation for your Waffle House experience. Waffle House includes a list on their website of participating stores. Yes, there is one here in Lake Charles!

So if you have sirloin taste on a waffle budget, this might be just the ticket for you and your special someone.

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