It's sad to say, but we've probably all seen or passed by a house in the Lake Area that is still covered in a blue tarp. Some buildings carry damages that are less obvious.

Reed's Metals of Sulphur and Beaumont announced that this Christmas, they want to choose one needy family or organization and not only repair that roof, but to install a new metal roof -- free of charge. They're calling it "Covering the Community."

"We wanted to do something to say 'thank you' to a community that has made us so successful," said salesman Bobby Couvillion. "We want people to send us their stories. We'll pick the one we feel is most deserving -- whether it's a family home or a church hall." The value of the roof will, of course, depend on the size of the building, but Couvillion said the donation will be in "the thousands of dollars."

Couvillion said people can send their stories to Reed's via email at or by posting it to their Facebook page. The winning submission will be chosen on Dec. 21.

For more information, call (337) 625-5051.

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