If you enjoy fishing for Red Snapper, you may have just found a reason to actually like a politician. Baton Rouge area Congressman Garret Graves says there are issues with the current recreational Red Snapper season. One of the fundamental issues according to Graves is the season is simply not long enough.


Congressman Graves explained his position to the Louisiana Radio Network this way,

The federal management of the Red Snapper fishery is flawed, fundamentally flawed. The science they're using is incredibly inadequate and it's not even remotely robust as compared to what the state of Louisiana has put together.

Currently there are two different pieces of legislation working their way through the bureaucracy and red tape of the federal government. According to Graves one of those bill is targeted more on the access both commercial and recreational fisherman have to the Red Snapper. The other bill has more to do with the science of managing the resources around the fish.

Graves sees extending the Red Snapper season for recreational fishermen as a good thing in many ways. One of those ways is tourism. By giving more anglers more opportunities to fish our coastal waters we are really enhancing our reputation.

It's the outdoor experience in Louisiana. We don't go out and go hike mountains. We go out and go hunting and fishing and enjoy the outdoors in different ways. And taking that away from us or limiting us to just 10 days a year is absurd.

When your state is nicknamed the Sportsman's Paradise, it's easy to understand that position.

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