It seems as though the race for the White House lasts longer than the Major League Baseball playoffs do. While at least baseball season eventually ended a few weeks ago, the race for President of the United States never seems to stop.

True, we haven't even inaugurated the current President-Elect and already media outlets are speculating on who might be on the ballot four years from now. One of those names that is currently being tossed about on the Democratic side of the ledger is Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards. 

The Boston Globe mentioned Edwards in a story they reported on possible successors to Hillary Clinton. Jeremy Alford of made the observation that Lynn Jones, the Calcasieu Parish Clerk of Court has already predicted a presidential run by Edwards.

John Bel Edwards does have a really interesting and relevant personal story to tell and it worked with voters here. If Democrats continue to feel like need to move closer to the center, maybe he’ll continue to be added to those kinds of lists.

Alford's observation was reported in a story published by the Louisiana Radio Network.

If Edwards can turn the mess that Louisiana is in around to the positive in just one term he'd certainly have a story to tell. Obviously, name recognition will play a big part in any national election and Edwards isn't widely known among the general populace. However, nobody knew who Bill Clinton was when he first announced several years ago. So, it can be done.