We have a neat feel-good story to share with you today. We all hate a thief and would rather for someone to ask us for things or money rather than them just stealing it from us especially when that something we own is near and dear to our hearts.

Such is the case with this story. A gentleman by the name of John Leger received a pretty nice present from his father in 1984. It was his first Cajun music accordion. The accordion he received from his dad was an accordion handmade by Master Accordions.

The accordion was made in January of 1984 and John explained to us that it was purchased by his now late father. You can imagine how much that accordion means to Mr. Leger, especially after the passing of his father.

Photo provided by J Leger.
Photo provided by J Leger.

Unfortunately, the accordion was stolen from Mr. Leger about 20 years ago which of course crushed him. Here is where the story gets good. The person who stole the accordion pawned it because that is where the accordion was purchased by a man named Don Faul.

Over 20 years later, Mr. Leger got the surprise of his life as his accordion was returned to him last week. Imagine his surprise to find out he would be getting it back after 20 years of thinking he would never see it again. He took that accordion and went right to a jam session and wanted to play it. Here he is playing his accordion after 20 years of not having it.

If that isn't cool enough, Mr. John Leger is about to be inducted into the Cajun French Music Hall of Fame in Lake Charles on November 5th, 2023. Congrats Mr. Leger on this great honor and we are so happy you got your accordion back.

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