A Louisiana Tik Tok creator has got the lips of the internet tingling with his unique hacks for making spicy seafood boils. Tik Tok creator @chefjayvoo has seen his subscriber numbers explode ever since he started sharing some of his inside secrets to getting the most flavor out of his unique but rather simple Louisiana seafood boils.

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Javaris Donnet, a 24-year-old creator on Tik Tok has been sharing his unique style and recipes on the social media platform for more than a hot and spicy minute. In fact, many of his videos have millions of views, including this one.

Did you notice that Chef Jayvoo added orange juice to his boil? I have never tried that but I am going to try it now. By the way, Javaris is putting all his boiling knowledge to work in his business Boil Master and don't think he stops at just shrimp and crawfish. How about some turkey necks?

We can't verify that it has ever happened but I would be willing to bet one taste of these turkey necks and "mommas would be slapped".  How about crab legs? We like those and so does @chefjayvoo too.


I for one am not surprised so many people even outside of Louisiana are latching on to Chef Jayvoo, he's a great personality, he makes cooking fun, he gets the  "spiritual nature" of what cooking in Louisiana is all about and his recipes are easy to follow and they are delicious.

So, if you have found your attempts at shrimp, crawfish, crab, or turkey neck boils have fallen short on the flavor and Oh Wow factor, check this guy out. But hey @chefjayvoo, don't give away all of our secrets, okay?

And, Chef, you got any ideas on what I can do with all of these figs?

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