Janet Knox was one of the thousands of Louisiana residents who's home was destroyed by the devastating flood in South Louisiana. And like many residents she's been cleaning out her home and trying to salvage what she can, but underneath the sheetrock and rubble came a big surprise.

Behind one of the knocked down walls in Janet's home, the Baton Rouge resident found a treasure trove of old toys and utensils all wrapped in a newspaper from 1942. Janet refers to her finds as her "treasure"  and tells WAFB that "It makes me smile and gets my mind off of what's over there that's all torn up".

With a newspaper from 1942, a Disney figurine, a tin ship, plastic doll, and utensils making up Janet's mini time capsule it's hard to tell how long her "treasures" have been hiding behind her walls. But, it's safe to say Janet has no intention of getting rid of her "souvenirs" from a dark period for Baton Rouge.

Take a peek at Janet's "treasures" on WAFB's website!

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