Looking for some spicy crawdads around town? We have a list of restaurants and drive-thrus all across Lake Charles that have the best prices.

Crawfish Fun Fact:

I found this article that says the oldest fossil records show crawfish burrows in Australia from over 115 yeas ago. Crawfish farming didn't start to catch on until the 1960s and today Louisiana provides 70-90% of the crawfish consumed in the USA.

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The crawfish prices around your town are frequently updated on The Crawfish App website.

Here are restaurants and drive-thrus in Lake Charles that have the lowest crawfish prices:

  1. Tommie's Fish Market - $5.00 per lb boiled / $3.50 per lb live
  2. Circle 7 Xpress - $5.00 per lb boiled / $3.97 per lb live
  3. JT’s Seafood - $5.99 per lb boiled
  4. Bourq's Fresh Seafood - $6.20 per lb boiled / $4:32 per lb live
  5. Contraband Crawfish - $6.25 per lb boiled / $3.75 per lb live
  6. Fire & Spice - $6.49 per lb boiled
  7. Crawfish Stop on Country Club - $6:50 per lb boiled
  8. BeauxDines’ - $7.49 dine-in and $6.49 drive-thru.per lb boiled
  9. Captains Table - $7:49 per lb boiled / $6.00 per lb live
  10. Mac’s Crawfish - $7:50 per lb boiled
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I'm not much of a crawfish eater, but I love the potatoes, mushrooms, onions, sausage, and corn that are boiled with the crawfish. Where are your favorite places to get the extras boiled with your mudbugs? Let us in know in the comments of our Facebook post.

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