The articles have been flying all around Facebook from the weekend. LSU took on Vanderbilt in more ways than one. It was an early game Saturday, so LSU fans needed to start their festivities a bit earlier than normal.

The story started around 9:40am Saturday morning with people beginning to take to Twitter saying how the local bar had been taken over by LSU fans. The bar ran out of vodka in less than 40 minutes, according to a few social media sites. That is pretty impressive but not too shocking to understand that perhaps the bar wasn't prepared to serve that many Bloody Marys. Fast forward to game time.

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Toward the middle of the second quarter, Twitter erupted again, this time claiming that Vanderbilt stadium had run out of beer. Okay, we get it. Vanderbilt doesn't drink as much as LSU fans. The greatest part about this situation is that the beer truck arrived to drop off more. Upon its arrival, the fans cheered for it as loud as they were for LSU.

Here is where I would comment some smart line, but I am just too busy wiping tears of joy and pride from my eyes.

God bless Louisiana.

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