The 2023 College World Series in Omaha, Nebraska wrapped up after nearly two weeks of competition at Charles Schwab Field. But, for most fans, the competition OFF the field was the one that may have been the most interesting.

Chaston Tavares TSM
Chaston Tavares TSM

Right across the street from Charles Schwab Field, there is a local pizza joint called Rocco's Pizza & Cantina. A few years ago, the owners came up with a GENIOUS marketing idea, a College World Series SHOT CHALLENGE. The previous record was held by the Ole Miss Rebels when they broke the record last season during their Championship run buying over 18 THOUSAND shots.

LSU Fans said it would never last, it certainly DID NOT LAST.

This year, Rocco's announced that they would be upping the price of the Jell-O shots to $5. Instead of only rewarding the winning schools, the owner wanted all of the schools to receive some of the donations. Rocco's reached out to each of the eight teams in the field to see which food bank they would like to donate their donations to.

LSU shattered the Shot Challenge record by purchasing nearly 70 THOUSAND SHOTS. I was really curious to see just HOW MUCH money LSU fans spent on Jell-O Shots in 2023. At $5 a shot, the total is going to add up VERY quickly.

The final tally came out this morning and throughout the duration of the event, fans purchased over 95K Jell-O Shots! 68,888 of those were credited to LSU. The promotion made a grand total of $475,150 on Jell-O Shots, LSU fans spent $344,440.00 on Jell-O Shots to take the record over in commanding fashion.


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