The oldest man in the world claims that fish and chips every Friday, along with some luck and moderation, are the keys to his long life.

Guinness World Records has verified that John Alfred Tinniswood, an Englishman, 111, is the new holder of the title. It comes after the 114-year-old record-holder from Venezuela, Juan Vicente Pérez, passed away this month. Next longest-living person, Japanese Gisaburo Sonobe, passed away on March 31 at the age of 112.

At his care facility in Southport, northwest England, on Thursday, Tinniswood received a certificate from Guinness World Records.

Boston Globe via Getty Images
Boston Globe via Getty Images

Tinniswood was born in Liverpool on August 26, 1912, just months after the Titanic sank. He experienced two world wars and was a member of the British Army Pay Corps during World War I.

"You're going to suffer eventually if you drink too much, eat too much, walk too much, or do anything else excessively,”

Tinniswood said to Guinness World Records.

In the end, though, he claimed, "it's just luck." You have little control over how long or short your life ends up being.

Maria Branyas Morera, 117 years old, is the oldest living person and the oldest lady in the world. She is from Spain.

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