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Add another notch in LSU's beloved Heisman trophy winning quarterback of our undefeated National Championship team from last year! Now, Joe Burrow has a wasp named after him! Top that Nick Saban or any other of the current or former SEC greats!

The "Joeburrowi" is a brand new species of wasps, though only one has yet to be discovered, and this one was found by LSU Ag Center grad student, Ilgoo Kang.

According to the Louisiana Radio Network, entomologist Nathan Lord with the LSU Ag Center says the name is appropriate due to the insect’s unique pattern. “It has these tiger-striped coloration patterns and when we were doing this work it was right at the rise of LSU’s historic season last year and Joe Burrow winning the Heisman and being selected number one.”

Lord goes on to say that naming the wasp after Burrow was a great way for his student to honor Burrow. “Given that we’re at LSU and finding a wasp during LSU’s special season, I thought it was pretty neat that my student wanted to name it after Joe.”

Lord points out just how rare of a find this is, since this is the only specimen that's been discovered at this point and it was found in Malaysia right on the border of Thailand.

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