Luke Bryan teamed up with Willie Robertson of 'Duck Dynasty' to sing their duet 'Hairy Christmas' during the 2013 'CMA Country Christmas' event, and it was very ... hairy ... onstage.

The song is the holiday single off 'Duck the Halls: A Robertson Family Christmas,' which is a non-traditional and surprisingly poignant album -- one of the most popular of the year.

"Where my rednecks at?" Bryan yelled as the music began playing. The duo was an odd pairing, physically speaking. Robertson wore a suit, boots and his trademark American flag bandana, his long hair and beard adding a whole new element to his appearance. At least his beard smelled good (like Febreeze), as Jennifer Nettles confirmed before their performance.

Bryan wore a fitted black tux with a gray bow tie, and his hair was especially dashing. The singer was, of course, sporting his mile-wide grin (does he ever stop smiling?). Together, he and Robertson hammed it up for the audience, with the 'Duck Dynasty' star yelling, "Sing it big boy!" as the 'Drink a Beer' star began the second verse.

It was the perfect song for the two hitmakers, as they're both a bit silly. With lyrics like “Buy the kids a big trampoline / Everybody gets a new shotgun / We’re a camel short of a manger scene / But there’s a guy in Texas who’ll rent us one,” Robertson and Bryan were right in their element.

When the final notes were sung, Bryan finished it off by saying, "Y'all have a hairy Christmas out there!"

We know that at least one family -- the Robertsons -- will have a hairy Christmas. The rest of us will try to have a merry Christmas ... sans all of the hair.

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