Maddie & Tae took home two trophies over the weekend at the Radio Disney Music Awards: Favorite Country Artist and Favorite Country Song.

As they finished their first acceptance speech of the evening for Favorite Country Artist and were about to leave the stage, they learned they won another award for their Top 10 hit, "Fly."

“When you write songs, you want to believe they touch people," Tae Dye says in a press release. “You send them out; you never truly know. And then you have whole audiences singing ‘Fly’ back to you, and you realize what you wrote to encourage yourself was something a lot of other people were feeling or wanting to hear, too."

Bandmate Maddie Marlow agreed with Tae's statement as she elaborated on the story behind their newly-awarded song.

“You have this fairy tale of ‘life on your own.' It’s so awesome. Until the apartment floods, or something happens and your go-to people aren’t there," she adds. “But dreams only happen if you go out to get them. Radio Disney and this award remind both of us that what seemed so personal, so ‘how are we going to get through this?!’ is incredibly universal – literally all around the world! For ‘Fly’ to be recognized like this? It’s crazy, and awesome, and wow!"

The Radio Disney Awards were voted by the public with over 238 million votes cast. The fan-voted awards were not lost on Marlow.

“Radio Disney is the greatest,” Marlow says. “As a place where young people can come together, have a place to hear music that doesn’t think about genre or whatever, it’s an amazing place to have a home! Tae and I were so psyched when 'Fly' started playing ... and this is even cooler, because it says our song touched everyone listening."

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