I remember watching President Reagan speak of individuals volunteering. He believed that the American people could do things better than the government could. He believed that is the government stepped aside, the private sector would step in. It is happening now.

getty images/mark wilson

The government shut down has affected us in more ways than we realize. Did you notice there were no US Military aircraft at the air show? Did you notice that civilian owned companies stepped in with restored military aircraft and the show went on without a hitch? The government stepped aside so civilians stepped up. Here is another example.

The government shut down resulted in the grounds not being kept at our national monuments is Washington DC (among other places.) Up steps South Carolina resident Chris Cox. His personal mission is to clean up the National Mall. He worked at it for a few days and it went viral. Government officials ask him to stop due to liability issues (or because they are embarrassed.) Americans are very resourceful and naturally hard working people. They are also very comp[passionate and proud. There is no telling what we could accomplish if the government would get out of the way.