Has your electric bill just shot through the roof? Is it just continuing to go up and up each month? We have seen folks on social media posting about how their electric bills have doubled or worse.

In some cases, we saw a business in Lake Charles post on their Facebook page that their bill was in the $700 range last month only to get the new bill for this month and it jumped up to an eye-popping $1700. Wow, that is crazy!

If you are upset about how high your electric bill has gone up, how would you feel if you had manual shut off the power to your home and use zero kilowatts for a month only to receive a bill over $119 anyway? Well, it happed to a Maurice Lousiana resident.

Check this out! A Maurice, La resident posted their latest electric bill on Facebook with a big red circle around all the charges they received from their electric company. In the post he made, he explained what he did to test out why the bill was so high.


He Said,

I felt the billing was always high for no reason. Well we did a test! Turned main breaker off for the month and ) this is the bill we received with ABSOLUTELY NO USAGE!


When looking at his bill, he was charged for all sorts of charges like customer charge, demand charge, formula rate plan, storm restoration fee, and more.  With him using ZERO kilowatts of electricity, the standard charges this electric company charges, he still got a bill for $119.30.

What are your thoughts?

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