Mayor Nic Hunter continues his tour of communities in Lake Charles. He's gone district-by-district speaking, hearing, and learning the concerns of each resident in the city. Since July 2017, the mayor, along with his advisory board and staff, have visited Districts A - F. Next up, Mayor Hunter will get a chance to hear from the residents of District G.  Everyone is urged to come out and participate by bringing questions, concerns, and comments about the community.

The next Community Meeting will take place Thursday, October 5, at 6 p.m. at Prien Lake Park, in the Harbor’s Edge Pavilion, located at 3100 W. Prien Lake Rd. So far, these meetings have allowed the city's newest mayor to introduce himself to residents on a smaller scale. They've also helped him gain valuable insight on matters that mean the most to the residents of Lake Charles.

Information and communication is the reason behind visiting every district in the city.  Mayor Hunter said his meetings with residents are going to go a long way in helping him implement positive changes within the city. The mayor said, “The first step to developing a plan for this is to meet with community members from each district so we can develop a better understanding of the strengths of each part of our community, while identifying weaknesses and working together to find ways to overcome them for the betterment of all of Lake Charles.”

Don't miss your opportunity to be part of progress, as Mayor Nic Hunter, his staff, and the Community Advisement and Assessment Board host the next Community Meeting in District G.For more information, call (337) 491-1382.

For more information, call (337) 491-1382.

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