What will country's latest engaged couple be doing for Valentine's Day? Michael Ray should get to work on a plan for fiancee Carly Pearce.

Pearce admitted recently that feels there's too much pressure and emphasis on elaborate gifts and gestures, but there should be a day to make one another feel special.

"I think any time you can celebrate love is wonderful," she says in an interview with her record label, "But, do I think that there needs to be a day where somebody should feel so inclined to make you feel special? No, I think you should feel special every day."

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As for her? she likes flowers.

"I feel special every day. But, I mean, do I want maybe some flowers on Valentine’s Day? Yeah," she says. Crossing our fingers Ray has already ordered!

Pearce just released her romantic music video for "Closer to You" featuring a special love interest: Ray! The music video featured Pearce driving a classic car and waiting at her Nashville home, with full skyline in view, for Ray to come over so they can snuggle up.

Looking at Pearce's and Ray's touring and media schedules, they both seem to be free from work obligations. Hopefully the soon-to-be married couple can spend the romantic holiday in each other's arms. A wedding date has not been revealed, but Pearce has said that she has looked to Pinterest for wedding ideas and has already chosen a dress for the big day, with help from her mom and best friend.

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