Minnesota is kind of freaking out right now. Why? They're reporting finding "red swamp crayfish" in their lakes, and they're not happy about it y'all.

From Mprnews.org "State conservation officials say the invasive species has been discovered in a Clay County lake and might not be leaving anytime soon."

It's pretty serious. One official report states "Two creatures were found in Tilde Lake, northeast of Moorhead, Minn."

They consider crawfish an invasive species and are concerned about the "serious harm" they could cause to the ecosystem.

Now look, I'm no environmental scientist, but I do understand how non-native species can negatively impact an ecosystem. If they start consuming another species food source, there would be an obvious issue for those species affected. But I doubt those affected are as delicious as crawfish.

I say It's a pretty easy issue to resolve. If you don't want em there, eat em. Be warned though, after you eat em, you're going to want them there.

There are a few other things going on here regarding crawfish in Minnesota that might blow your mind.

The first one is, in Minnesota, people buy and sell crawfish as pets. You also must have a permit to own a crawfish as a pet.

The other is how Minnesota officials are telling people to dispose of these pesky "red swamp creatures". Officials tell residents "put them in a plastic bag in the freezer for a day, then put the bag into the trash."

For the love of Ralph Begnaud, please don't freeze them and throw them away!

Minnesota, don't sweat it. We got you. The Cajun Navy is already on their way to help you with this problem. Please make sure your stores are well stocked with propane.




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