Ever feel like you met your soulmate in the produce aisle, your eyes locked together over your mutual respect for lettuce, only to lose each other in the check-out line because Walmart is awful? These five people know what we’re talking about.

The following posts were found in the Missed Connections section of the Lake Charles Craigslist page.

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We met at the GN a couple of months ago.
You said you lived in LC and worked at a hospital. I was the tall brother , I mentioned I had played pro ball. Get in touch beautiful I want to make you my woman and take care of you.

If you happen to know Wendy please tell her about this post. She's white around 40 , beautiful and curvy!! Please help

Dear “Searching For Baconator”:
I don’t know about the Golden Nugget, but Wendy shouldn’t be too hard to find. She has at least four locations in Lake Charles alone. Here’s a helpful map.

Google Maps
Google Maps


Was at walk ons and was waited on by the most amazing looking Asian woman I've ever seen I think her name is Tiffany. I was with others so couldn't say anything to her. If you by chance run across this (doubtful) post email me.

Dear “Sad Sack”:
Why call your post doubtful? Are your resigned to failure and eternal loneliness right at the start of your quest? No one ever impressed the ladies with that kind of defeatist attitude, you know. And why couldn’t you talk to her just because you were with other people?


If so, I have questions about my microwave. Call me.


I still miss you and want you. I will come get you and and bring you home here with me. Let me love you sweetie.

Dear “Button Fetish”:
Since you say you miss her, you clearly already made a connection with the person you’re looking for and are probably looking to reconnect. If so, here are a couple of tips. First, offering to come “get” her and “bring her home” with you sounds like there’s either a restraining order involved, or you’re actually talking about a puppy. Either way, it's pretty weird, dude.

Also, just out of curiosity, what kind of button are we talking about here? Like, a coat button or maybe a dress shirt button? Or are we talking more like the power button on a microwave or TV set?

Whatever the case, running after her while screaming “LET ME LOVE YOU!” is probably not the best approach to win her heart. If she does ever see your post, she's likely to press a very specific button.

cockroach delete idea
Sergey Katsapin


Younger guy. You told me I should have got the flowers Lol If you ever see this, inbox me

Dear “Desperately Seeking Geritol”:
Your post is a little confusing. Are you the older woman at Kroger, or did you speak to an older woman at Kroger? I assume you’re the “younger guy” you mention, but then this older woman you met at Kroger told you that you “should have got the flowers”? Or are you saying that she told you she should’ve got the flowers? And what does that even mean anyway, got the flowers? Because it sounds like a euphemism for something I'm not sure you're old enough to be doing.

Anyway, identifying the woman as "older" is probably exactly the wrong way to win her affection. I'm not aware of many people who like being called old, so you're probably not off to the best start here.

I’m not really sure what advice to offer you, so I’ll just recommend this movie instead. You should definitely check it out.

Paramount Pictures
Paramount Pictures


They have some sexy a-- girls at stine in sulphur would love to see some of the naked love to see some pictures of the naked

Dear “Send Nudes”:
Just to clarify, you would love to see some of the naked pictures of the naked, correct? I’m assuming it's all the unfinished lumber and other assorted quality building materials available at Stine Lumber Company that you find so inexplicably arousing. Which is kind of weird, but whatever.

Don't get me wrong, though. While I personally question your lifestyle choice, it’s 2017 and I’m not the boss of you. Live how you wanna live, buddy. This is America, after all. Be free!

With that in mind, please enjoy the following photo responsibly.

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