The Cowboys' season-opening game was reported to be the first sell out in over fifteen years. You could barely move throughout the stadium and the energy was insane as the Cowboys took the field. What made it a total sell out? Part of me wants to believe we were all excited for the Cowboys to hit the ground running mixed with the game featuring the Southern University Human Jukebox.

As of 2019, the Southern University Band has performed six times for the Super Bowl, played for the inauguration of President Bill Clinton, and played the introduction of Floyd Mayweather for the Fight of the Century, just to name a few. The band is known for its giant catalog of music, insane arrangements, showmanship, and one of the biggest sounds in the world.

Southern University 3

The climax each year for Southern is the Battle of the Bands during Bayou Classic Weekend in New Orleans. It is a tradition for them to battle against Grambling's Tiger Marching Band each and every year. There is never a clear winner, but the thousands of spectators in attendance would probably have their own opinion about the matter.

Before the final quarter was played, Southern had the halftime video uploaded to their YouTube page for all to see, and we found it for your viewing pleasure.

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