Well, despite the complaints of ticket prices from Ticketmaster, it seems the April 2022 Morgan Wallen show has sold out even before the pre-sale ticket time finished. With pre-sale tickets selling out in a 24 hour span, fans still have a shot at getting in on tickets on Friday, but they will be limited with such a successful pre-sale time. All of this hype has made for a perfect storm of having a second show on Sunday the 24th.

The question is now if Wallen will be able to add a second show to the weekend. Some sources in Lafayette have said that indeed the Cajundome is looking into the possibility, but it will hinge on if Wallen can slate another show in the tour and stick around another day. After looking at Ticketmaster again at the show, I only found a small handful of single tickets left in the pre-sale category, with one of those tickets still sitting about $450 each. That does not account for the other tickets on second-hand sites and scalper sites that are trying to sell for over $1000 each. Apparently, the area really wants to see Morgan Wallen and they are willing to pay top dollar to see him.

How likely is it that there will indeed be a second show? Well, the Bridgestone Arena just announced that a second date has been added, March 17 and March 18. That bodes well for a possibility of a Sunday show or Friday show. Not only is he adding second dates to the tour, but he's adding thirds and circling back into some venues. The other issue at hand is time. When he leaves Lafayette, his next date is in Nashville. The timeframe between those two shows is five days, that is plenty of time to play a second show and still get into Nashville, get drunk, arrested, and bailed out to play that following weekend. I would think that the tour schedule having such large gaps in between some of the dates was actually made so that if this issue arrose, they could stick around and catch another show to play before moving on.

Sources are continuing to say that the Cajundome is prepared to offer another show for Wallen to play. Why wouldn't they? They'd be stupid to not be open to the idea. Honestly they'd all be dumb to not add another show at this point given the history of what has happened in the last 24 hours with pre-sale alone. Only time will tell if we will see a second show announced. Until then, set your alarms to wake up early this Friday to try and catch what's left of the seats to see the show.

For what it's worth I looked over at Luke Combs' seats for a show in a similar size venue, just to put some prices into perspective. His nosebleed seats for a show are averaging $50 and the pit in front of the stage is just a shade under $115 on average. From my experience, the venue is mostly responsible for the price of the tickets based on the show, looks like the Cajundome is going to make a killing next April on at least one show. If the second Wallen show gets approved, they stand to make a ton of money in over a weekend.

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