My brother is cooler than yours! (He's the one says "Range Green" on the video.)

That was exactly what I thought when my siblings and I got the group text from him on Sunday that included the link to the video. The text read:

Awesome day! We launched the largest rocket in the U.S. Air Force arsenal today! This is the same rocket that carried NASA's Orion capsule into orbit in Dec 2014. So blessed to have been part of both launch teams, serving as the Range Control Officer for the NASA launch and the Range Operations Commander for today's launch....

My brother is Lieutenant Jacob Myers with the United States Air Force. In the photo below, he's the first one on the bottom row. He joined the military after graduating from LSU with a master's degree in chemistry. He, his wife, and his three boys live in Satellite Beach, Florida. He works at Cape Canaveral.

All my brothers (I have 5 total) and my sister are pretty amazing, successful people. I'm extremely proud of all of them, not just because of their worldly success, but also because they're generally great folks. After all, they had a pretty good big sister that taught them well. (Big cheesy grin!)

Tracy & her siblings

Bottom row: Jacob, Laurie, Tracy, Joshua (Joshua & Jacob are twins)

Top row: Nicholas, Christopher, David

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