Did you know that almost half of teen drivers involved in a crash die? That is on statistic that we have to change. That's why the Louisiana State Police have designated October 19-25 has been declared National Teen Driver Safety Week.

Teen Drivers
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During this week Troop D officers will be visiting schools to educate teen drivers and will be  paying extra attention for teens that ignore the cell phone while driving ban, not using seat belts and driving in an unsafe manner.  The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has five safe driving tips for teens. Most are obvious but do need to be repeated so teens know how important they are.

1.      No Drinking and Driving.
Set a good example by not driving after drinking. Remind your teen that drinking before the age of 21 is illegal, and alcohol and driving should never mix.
2.      Buckle Up. Every Trip. Every Time. Front Seat and Back.
Lead by example. If you wear your seat belt every time, your teen is more likely to follow suit. Remind your teen that it’s important to buckle up on every trip, no matter how far.
3.      Put It Down. One Text or Call Could Wreck It All.
Remind your teen about the dangers of texting or dialing while driving, and that the phone is off-limits when they are on the road. Louisiana state law prohibits anyone under the age of 18 from using a cell phone while driving.  It’s equally important to model safe driving habits for your teen—you shouldn’t text and drive either.
4.      Stop Speeding Before It Stops You.
Drive the speed limit and require your teen to do the same. Explain that every time your speed doubles, your stopping distance quadruples.
5.      No More Than One Passenger at Any Time.
Don’t allow your teen to drive with more than one passenger at a time.

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