Mac and Cheese is life when you're growing up. Break out the Kraft, pour in the powder and get to stirring. Growing up, I wasn't always as luck to get Kraft, but off brand was just as good.

The issue? There was never enough, and it always went so fast. Don't you wish there was a better source of Mac and Cheese? Maybe in a container that you didn't have to keep refilling?'s-Banquet-Macaroni-%2526-Cheese-Storage-Bucket-180-Servings.product.100108871.html's-Banquet-Macaroni-%2526-Cheese-Storage-Bucket-180-Servings.product.100108871.html

Costco has you covered with their 23 pound bucket of Mac and Cheese! For the low price of $89.99. It features a handy carrying handle, lid, and a shelf life of 20 years. Costco says you can serve up to 180 people with this bucket of cheesy goodness.

Now, I went and did some math. A Kraft box of Mac and Cheese serves 3, according to their box. To match the amount of the bucket, you'd have to have 60 boxes of Kraft. At $.99 cents per box, you would come out cheaper buying the boxes rather than the bucket, roughly $55 for the same amount in box form. Of course, you don't get the bucket nor the bragging rights of the fact you have a bucket of mac and cheese.

Now, if we can just order a spoon big enough for the bucket, we would be golden!

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