Face masks and cocktails really don't mix. How am I supposed to sip pina coladas while at the pool?

A fashion designer in New Orleans has created a trendy new way to stay safe while getting your drink on. I'm not surprised this ingenious idea came out of the Crescent City. We know it would come down to a which one has to go situation. Face Mask: 0, Hand Grenade:1.

Ellen Macomber made these masks with perforated holes for you to fit a straw through. It even has a convenient flap that covers the hole when not in use. She said the first batch of masks sold out faster than expected. These masks will help people avoid touching their faces or removing their masks while in public.

Homemade masks are not as protective as the hospital masks but these can help prevent the spread of the virus. If you feel uneasy about the sip-and-safe, Macomber does offer more conventional masks to chose from.

Since the stay-home-order, she has lost her main income. The designer would typically have been selling her work at places like Jazz Fest. She even had to shut down her shop on Magazine Street because the rent was more than the revenue coming in. The bright side to this situation, she said, is that mask making has helped her keep her assistant employed.

For your very own coronavirus mask, visit her website at ellenmacombe.com.

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