As we approach the Christmas season, it's not always easy for everyone. It especially gets harder as we have a community that is still attempting to recover from so many disasters. Luckily, Avail Hospital has teamed up with us to add some Christmas spirit back into your holidays.

Five lucky winners will receive $500 to spend on their heart's desire plus 4 tickets to Holiday at Ford Park to have a perfect Christmas night out. What do you have to do? It's easy, go on our app and send us a message in the chat feature to nominate someone you think deserves this amazing prize and help during this holiday season, or even yourself! It could be a past-due bill, not able to afford Christmas presents, a credit card bill, or even something your family needs for your house!

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Beginning on December 6, Mike and Chad will start picking winners through December 12 and reach out to them to make a few Holiday wishes come true. Start submitting those stories and messages now, and let's help some families in need have a little bit of a brighter Christmas time this year!

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