Today the nation celebrates and thanks all of the men and women who have served or are currently serving our country in the armed forces.

I want today thank you as well for all the brave men and women who protect our freedom everyday and all that have served to keep this great land free.

My father David Soileau was a Staff Sergeant in the US Army and served as a MP (Military Policemen).  We were stationed in Berlin Germany for two years and lived there.

Mike and Dave Soileau Circa 1992
Mike and Dave Soileau Circa 1992

I remember my dad coming home with his uniform on and I thought that man was larger than life.  As years past by and i was older, my appreciation for him grew bigger and bigger.  Especially after hearing all the stories of what he did during his service to our country.

I am so proud to be the son of a veteran of our great military and today i wanted to say thank you dad for all you did for me but especially for our country!


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