Football season is one of our favorite times of the year in Louisiana and Texas. That is when the weather starts turning to Fall and the temperatures start dropping just in time for us to get out to our favorite team's stadium and cheer on our football team.

We love getting out to the stadiums early, setting up all our gear to tailgate, hanging out with friends and family, and cooking it up. We also love the anticipation of getting into the stadium just in time for kick-off so that we don't miss one single play from the start of the game.

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We have all been to a college football game or a football game in general in our lifetime and the atmosphere is electric. The smells of the food coming from the concession stands, the buzz of everyone getting ready for the big game, and the overall feel you get when you walk through the tunnel to get to your seats and see the football field for the first time. it's Priceless.

Some stadiums fans are a little low-key while others are so loud that their noise is deafening. So which college football stadiums are the loudest?

CFP National Championship
CFP National Championship (Getty Images)

Top 10 loudest college football stadiums

According to Fazbuzz, here are the top 10

#10 Wisconsin Badgers

#9 Washington Huskies

#8 Clemson Tigers

#7 Tennessee Volunteers

#6 Ohio State Buckeyes

#5 Texas A&M Aggies

#4 Florida Gators

#3 Penn State Nittany Lions

#2 Oregon Ducks

#1 LSU Tigers

McNeese State v LSU
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So there you have it. Two of the top 10 are located in Louisiana and Texas. This writer can attest that LSU stadium in Baton Rouge is noisy and a great place to be for a football on a Saturday night down the bayou.

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