In Shreveport, LA is a little school called Green Oaks Performing Arts Academy. The school ranges from 7th grade to 12th. Started in 1971 due to a huge population boom and over crowding in the area, the school had over 1,200 students that year. The school took $2.5 million to build and in 2017, it became an magnet school.

Since its inception, 3 NFL players have actually come out of Green Oaks: Ezra Johnson, L'Damian Washington, and Tre'Davious White. Now, it seems they have a new rising star on the line. Introducing De'Coldest Crawford. When he's in trouble and his mom says his whole name it's De'Coldest ToEvaDoIt Crawford. Crawford plays wide receiver, and at 6'1 the sophomore has 3 touchdowns under his belt and 18 passes for 203 yards total this season.

No pressure to live up to a namesake right?

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