Although currently open in Westlake during their "Soft Opening". Westlake's newest spot to check out is Pinchers! Located in Westlake, the new place is ready for you to pass a good time eating crawfish and sipping on your favorite beverage. What can you eat there when it's not crawfish season? Don't worry, they have you covered.

Pinchers Westlake
Pinchers Westlake

According to a post having the same question, Pinchers replied that during the off-season they will have a really solid menu available including Pizza with toppings such as all meat with sausage bacon, and pepperoni, BBQ Chicken, and they even have an option for a cauliflower crust!

Pinchers will be open on weekdays from 3p-10p and 10a-10p on Saturdays. Their grand opening and ribbon cutting are set for Monday, September 12, at 2 pm. They are located at 920 Sampson Street in Westlake.

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