Yes, BeerYoga is a thing.

I mean, it makes perfect sense, people love yoga and people love beer, so why not combine the two for the ultimate therapy for the mind, body and soul. At least that's what the genius' at Germany's BierYoga (BeerYoga) want you to believe. And, clearly, people are believing it, because this seemingly hipster practice has spread from Germany to yoga studios and festivals all over the world.

But we all know yoga is no joke, so if you show up to a BeerYoga class expecting to get your buzz on you are in for a rude awakening, and I'm not talking about the spiritual kind.

Founder, Jhula, says BeerYoga enthusiasts "take the philosophies of yoga and pair it with the pleasure of beer-drinking to reach your highest level of consciousness." The "marriage of two great loves" incorporates traditional yoga poses with drinking beer, and I have a feeling that balancing a beer bottle on your head while standing in tree pose is not as easy as it might look.

"Namaste at the bar" type events are popping up all over the U.S., even the Bayou State is getting in on the BeerYoga craze. The Abita Brewery in Abita Springs, Louisiana offers a class where you can mix your love of beer with your love of yoga.

Bottoms up to downward dog!

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