Remember that time Chris Young swapped places with a rapper? Yeah, neither do I.

Once upon a time everyone's favorite country boy, Chris Young, got his start on a reality tv show ... no, I'm not talking about "Nashville Star". I'm talking about his rise to fame on the thrilling Nick Jr. show "A Walk In Your Shoes". Actually, this was so long ago that it wasn't even Nick Jr. yet, it was Noggin.

On this fantastic Noggin show two people with very different backgrounds and interests switch places, so Chris traded places with rapper, Naci, who was part of the group Incredible Crew. Honestly, I was impressed with Chris after watching the episode, dudes got moves! In the clip below you'll see Chris learning how to act, dress and even dance the part.

What did I tell you? Dudes got moves! Teenage Chris Young's got it going on.

After getting a little taste of "A Walk In Your Shoes" I'm sure you are itching to see how the rest of the episode played out and you can watch it all at Seriously, do it, you won't regret it.