As we all remember 9/11, I thought it would be great to share this with you. I hadn’t caught this before until late last week, but found out that all of the proceeds for Keith Urban’s song “For You’ -- and I mean ALL OF THEM -- are going to the Navy Seals Foundation, which supports SEAL families and their parent commands by easing financial burdens, establishing support networks and funding command sponsored activities. I find this to be such an incredible gesture! Of course I knew that he along with several other artists had performed for the soundtrack of Act of Valor which was released back in February, but somehow I had missed this! To read more on his experience of writing for a film, just click here!

I hope we all take a moment at some point today to say a prayer for the families and friends of the victims of 9/11 … a day all of us should never forget! Now, go download this song if you haven’t already done so (please!) and when you see a soldier, always tell them thanks! If it wasn’t for them, where would we be?

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