The money is coming or should we say it's already here. The amount is $438 million and it is earmarked for flood recovery in the state of Louisiana. The group that is tasked with devising the best strategy for using this money is called the Restore Louisiana Task Force. They will meet again today. Many residents who are still not back in their homes are hoping that this meeting doesn't just lead to another meeting.

I know for a fact that there is significant work being done at OCD on the initial funding and how soon it will be going out.

The words of Co-chairman of the Task Force and former Denham Springs Mayor Jimmy Durbin as reported by the Louisiana Radio Network. The OCD that Mr. Durbin was referring to was the Office of Community Development.

As you've probably figured out, this meeting is going to lead to another meeting and not any actually funds on the ground. However, that part is coming sooner than later.  On today's meeting agenda will be a presentation from Ocean County Long Term Recovery Group. This group played a significant part in helping residents recover from Super Storm Sandy of a few years ago.

We’re going to hear from two very knowledgeable women that has worked very, very hard on the Superstorm Sandy damage.

Senator Bill Cassidy is also expected to address the meeting. The Senator is going to address and update  additional federal funding efforts  that might be forthcoming for the state.

The governor and the congressional delegation will be back in Congress probably in early December when Congress is in session to try to get additional funding.