Saints Rookie Kicker Blake Grupe hit a game-winning Field Goal to win the Saints' 1st Pre-Season Game on Sunday, but what happened afterward is even crazier...

Kansas City Chiefs v New Orleans Saints
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Rookie Kicker Blake Grupe had one of the best moments of his early Professional career on Sunday as he hit the Game-Winning Field Goal for the Saints to beat the Chiefs during the first preseason game. Grupe quickly came back down to Earth once he went to leave the playing field.

As Grupe was trying to leave the field at Caesar's Superdome, the security guard mistook Grupe for a fan and questioned him about trying to enter the player's exit. Grupe took to Social Media to talk about what happened over the span of about a total hour.

Blake Grupe has been battling it out with Will Lutz throughout fall camp and during the preseason. Coach Dennis Allen was ecstatic for Grupe, he mentioned this to the media after the game.

"Glad we got the win, because this league is all about winning and winning in the preseason is important," Allen said. "I was glad that our guys were able to do that. I was glad to see Grupe get a chance to get to kick in that situation and be able to knock it through."

Check out the videos and reactions from Grupes' Game Winning Field Goal HERE:

Now on the security guards' behalf, Blake does look like a young kid who may be backtalking his parents in the Superdome. He also looks like he could be one that could talk your head off if you hang with him too long... (LOL)

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