Are you looking to go see Christmas lights in the Lake Charles area? We found a video of one of the largest Christmas displays in the city.

The Richard family in Lake Charles goes all out for the holidays. We don't know how many lights there are in their display but it's huge.

In the video you are about to watch, the lights start at the driveway but from that point forward, get ready to put on your sunglasses to see the rest as it lights up the entire block.

The yard is full of displays from snowmen to Santa to Christmas trees all lit up. The house looks like Clark Griswalds house in the movie Christmas Vacation because of how many lights are on the home.

The Richards obviously own the piece of property next to their home too because that is where the lighting display goes to a whole new level.

There are hundreds of displays and lights starting from the front of the road and looks like it goes back for 100 yards at least. If you have ever watched ABC's show Christmas Light Fight, the Richards could give that show a run for its money.

The home is located in South Lake Charles off of Country Club road.  The street actually runs North off of Country Club by Nelson Elementary.

Check this out y'all.

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