Ivy by Design's dog necklace comes in every breed from Dachshund to Pit Bull and every pup in between. And for only $21.68 on Etsy it's paws-itively perfect for all of the dog lovers in your life!

Keep your paws warm this holiday season with this adorable pair of mittens! When you're out walking your pup on a brisk morning, bundle up with these hand made gloves by Talking Gloves. They sell for $36.00 on Etsy and come in designs for all types of animal lovers!

This Mill And Grace "Dog Mom" tee is a must have for anyone with fur-babies! If you're a dog mom, you're proud of it and totally want to wear it loud and proud. Available on Etsy for $25.00, uhhh yeah, put this on my Christmas list!

For all of the baking dog lovers out there, this customized dog bone cookie cutter is perfect! Dogs want to eat a Christmas treat too, and with all of the amazing homemade dog treat recipes out there a personalized cookie cutter is the ultimate way to make a special snack for your pup! For just $18.00 on the Name That Cookie Etsy this gift idea is too good to pass up.

Seriously, #DogHairDontCare is a life quote for any dog lover. This Yours Truly Embroidery mug is the perfect way to warm up this holiday season. Nothing beats a cup of coffee and snuggles with your dog on Christmas morning! The mug comes in gold and black and can be purchased on Etsy for $11.00.

My dogs are my favorite drinking buddies! I mean, it's really just me drinking while they watch, but with Lil Heffe Brewski my dogs can enjoy a "cold one" with me. The Gastropup on Etsy sells organic, dog-friendly "brew" for puppy pal for only $7.00!

Clearly, The Daily Tay get's me. I would rather hang out with my dogs than do anything else, and I think all dog lovers would agree! The tee pretty much sums up my life and is only $24.00 on Etsy, heck yes I am buying it!

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