I've seen and stayed at some amazing vacation homes properties, but none that I would consider the ultimate place for family entertainment. People, I can honestly say, I have never seen a property quite like this home. Well, mansion. This place is incredible and can make your next family vacation or reunion one of the most memorable getaways you've ever taken.

Chess Room - Andrew Greenstein Homeaway
movie theater - Andrew Greenstein Homeaway
XBox and Playstation Room - Andrew Greenstein Homeaway
Carnival Game Room - Andrew Greenstein Homeaway

When I tell you, the owners thought of everything...they thought of ever-re-thing! It is called the Great Escape 2.0 Board - Game Themed Mansion. It is located minutes from Orlando in Clermont, Florida on 10 acres of private land. It sleeps up to 54 people comfortably, with 15 bedrooms, 34 beds, 12 full bathrooms, and 1 half bath. It is a luxury mansion on steroids as the entire home is decked out in life-size game themes inside and out. The price tag is $1,649 per night, which is NOTHING, dividing that amount among all the adults it can sleep.

Gina Cook
Lego Room - Andrew Greenstein Homeaway
Human Bowling - Andrew Greenstein Homeaway

This place has its own lazy river, 4 escape rooms, Twister, Monopoly, Clue, Scrabble, and laser tag bedrooms just to name a few. It is the ultimate entertainment crib with a human bowling alley, life-size board game, chess, a gigantic pool and lazy river, waterslide, full-size basketball court, pool room, movie theater, laser maze game, karaoke, and on and on! You gotta see it, to believe it!

Monopoly Room - Andrew Greenstein Homeaway
Scrabble Room - Andrew Greenstein Homeaway
Operation Room - Andrew Greenstein Homeaway

Yeah, I know! This place is unbelievable on every level. The mansion host is Andrew Greenstein. By the way, it is also pet-friendly, so even the furry family members are welcome to tag along.  Find this spot on vrbo.com.

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