The City of Franklin, Louisiana is showing they are determined to stand strong during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. In a video birthed from local talent, you see how the heart and soul of small-town America is making a big impact on the world.

In a video posted by city officials, the city of Franklin calls on residents to remain #Franklin Strong and to traverse these unprecedented times together.

"Sometimes we need to be reminded that no matter the situation Love, Hope and Faith will always shine through the midst of sadness".

Images of the city's iconic main street and buildings are mixed with the smiling faces of area first responders and residents with their hearts on display.

Franklin Firefighters
City of Franklin, YouTube

City Public Relations Director Ed 'Tiger' Verdin says the video was shot as a way to give hope to the city.

Franklin resident LaDaisha Bowles-Webber provides her breathtaking voice to the video singing Andra Day's 'Rise Up'.

LaDaisha Bowles-Webber
City of Franklin, YouTube

The video was shot by Ed 'Tiger' Verdin and Dale Webber with Soulful Productions and ImSoBlu Productions both of Franklin.

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