This morning my morning show partner in crime and I asked you Southwest Louisiana what was your favorite fillings in King Cakes.  Well Mardi Gras season is here and people are flocking to stores to get there favorites.

There are all types of fillings out there from Apple, Lemon, Cherry, Strawberry to ectreme flavors like Cream Cheese, Pecan Praline, Bavarian Cream, and Cookies and Cream.

Well took your calls and your posts from Facebook and complied your top five favorite king cake flavors:

#5  Blueberry cream cheese

#4  Strawberry cream cheese

#3  Regular Strawberry

#2  Bavarian creme

#1  Cream cheese

Did your favorite make the list?  Emily and I are now going to set out to do a taste test and see what all the buzz is about.  Stay tuned for that video!

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