So for two weeks, the sports world and college baseball fans have been fixated on the College World Series Jell-O Shot Challenge. If you are not familiar with what we are talking about, he's the low down.

There is a place called Rocco's Pizza & Cantina in Omaha, Nebraska that has a Jell-O shot challenge for the fans of the eight teams that make it to the college world series. Last year, Ole Miss won the challenge with 18,777 shots. Well the LSU made it this year and you know we Louisiana folks like to drink so that record was going to fall instantly!

When the series got underway, there were eight teams in Omaha looking to win the National Championship. As fans made it into Omaha, they flocked to Rocco's to buy Jell-O shots to get post the contribution to their team.

Peter Aiken
Peter Aiken

Once Rocco posted the first Talley board, people were hooked, especially LSU Fans. People were going to Rocco's Facebook page a few times a day to get the updated count and most thought Ole Misses record couldn't be broken.

Well it wasn't just broken, it was crushed. LSU fans bought a staggering 68,888 Jell-O shots during a two-week baseball series. Each shot cost $5 bucks so do that math and LSU fans spent $344,440.  Holy crap!!


So how did all the teams that made it to Omaha stack up? Here is a total of how many shots each of the eight teams' fans bought and how much total money was spent.

  • Virginia -- 872 shots = $4360
  • Stanford -- 912 shots = $4560
  • Tennessee -- 2207 shots = $11035
  • Oral Roberts -- 3323 shots = $16,615
  • Florida -- 4136 shots = $20,680
  • TCU -- 7070 shots = $35,350
  • Wake Forest -- 7622 shots = $38,110
  • LSU -- 68,888 shots = $344,440

So when you add them all up, the total amount equals $475,150 in Jell-O shots. That is almost half a million dollars in booze! Well, this proves that no one can out-drink a Cajun from Louisiana!

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