Very few people go to the office to have fun. There is a reason why it is called work. It is usually not the highlight of a person's day. It's work. That's why we have to be motivated to go there by money, vacation, insurance, and every now and then free donuts and coffee in the break room.

Stress in the workplace is commonplace. We all feel pressure to do our job and do it well. However, a national survey indicates that more and more of us are feeling more of that pressure than we felt just five short years ago.

Things are moving so fast right now, so I think it’s pretty common. The statistics weren’t crazy to me, at least.

Those are the words of Rebecca Green who works with an employment agency in the New Orleans area. Green is commenting on a recent survey published by Accountemps, a temporary employment staffing service. 

64% of employees from 18 to 34 are more stressed about work compared to 59% of workers 35 to 54. Green believes those numbers reflect the desire for younger workers to move up the ladder into higher paying positions with more authority.

I think a lot of younger professionals are wanting to make sure that they keep on top of every deadline, make sure that they’re hitting every goal that their supervisor sets.

Green suggested in her comments to the Louisiana Radio Network that one of the main reasons employees are feeling so much additional pressure might be found in their purses or pockets.

Especially with the way technology is, everything can be done 24 hours a day, so it’s not as easy to leave work at work.

To me, one of the more interesting finds in the survey numbers was how oblivious many in upper management are to the plight of their employees. Based on the survey results 46% of Chief Financial Officers are not acutely aware of the burden that is being placed on the backs of their most valuable asset.


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