Who doesn't love going to a pet store and seeing the cute puppies and kittens. It's almost a kind of therapy if you don't have a dog or cat of your own. Oddly enough that very happy place where many best friends are made is under the scrutiny of the Louisiana Legislature.

The reason the legislature is involved is that some unscrupulous pet store owners are getting their animals from less than reputable places. State lawmakers believe that the public deserves to know exactly where their new animal friend has come from.

Metarie Senator Danny Martiny explained to the Louisiana Radio Network that his measure will make pet store owners specify exactly where their animals came from plus,

The second part deals with a prohibition that they can’t sell a dog or a cat that is less than 8 weeks old. The third one deals with a sign that has to be posted on the cage where the animal is located.

Many health officials suggest that this information would be quite helpful should their be a need to track down pet origins because of a disease outbreak or other epidemic.

If you're wondering this new measure does not affect your local animal shelter or the Humane Society in your town. These agencies will continue to function as normal. If you're not looking for a pure breed animal, I'd recommend checking out the pups and kittens at your local shelter. These animals need a good home and they are full of love and kindness too.