It was a typical late spring Sunday across South Louisiana yesterday. Temperatures were in the upper 70's and low 80's. There was a warm, moist southerly breeze. The clouds were racing across the sky allowing intermittent  peeks of sunshine.

The only problem with Sunday's weather was that it wasn't late spring. It is early Winter. For a lot of people and Mother Nature that was a problem.

One thing I have learned from a lifetime of watching nature shows on television is this, nature seeks balance. When it's too warm in Winter the change to colder weather usually comes swiftly and violently. That was the case with the storm system that moved through our area during the late night hours of Sunday and early morning hours of Monday.

This strong low pressure system and accompanying cold front were energized by strong upper level winds. These winds were interacting with stronger than normal lower level winds. The big issue here is that the  upper level wind flow was from one direction, the lower level air flow was from another. This diffluence in the atmosphere combined with the energy from the storm system and some very warm moist air made for an explosive situation.

Tornadoes in Texas had already turned deadly on Saturday and there were watches and warnings posted for much of Louisiana through the  mid-afternoon and nighttime hours. Fortunately the storm system seemed to have lost some of its punch as it moved along the I-10 corridor. There were strong storms, gusty winds, and heavy downpours but no significant severe weather outbreak.

The temperature at midnight in Lafayette was 76 degrees. By 2 AM the mercury had already dropped to 62 degrees. Those who have been wanting colder weather will now enjoy much more seasonable temperatures and thankfully a calmer forecast for the last few days of 2015.

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