A group of students surprised their teacher with two kittens after finding out her cat passes away.

"'I'm sorry, my 16-year-old cat named Blondie died yesterday", was Tonya Andrews reply when students asked her what was wrong during class. ABC News reports that one student mentioned the College Statistics teacher "lost it and started bawling at that point." That's when four students, Rachel Hanhart, Ashlei Mahan, Makayla Comer, and Sheridan Swindell, decided to try their best to cheer her up.

The girls' first plan included cupcakes and flowers, but then one of the teens suggested surprising Ms. Andrews with kittens. The next day Rachel, Ashlei, Makayla, and Sheridan came to class with two adorable kittens, which moved their teacher to tears. Happy tears, of course.

They caught the special moment on camera, and the rest is viral video history.


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