KTLA Meteorologist Liberte Chan was asked to put on a sweater during a live weather segment due to "a lot of emails" from viewers concerned with her revealing dress. The event, being referred to as #Sweatergate, has gained massive amounts of social media attention after viewers deemed KTLA's actions "offensive".

So, let me get this straight, viewers were offended by Liberte Chan's bare shoulders and then they were offended again when she was asked to publicly cover up? I'm more upset that the news station didn't have a sweater or jacket that looked better with that dress. There wasn't a cute blazer around?

Ok, I'm kidding about the blazer thing, but that's seriously how ridiculous this whole thing sounds. It's 2016 and people are still offended by a black cocktail dress? It's not like the dress was low cut and her cleavage was pouring out. It wasn't tight or too short, it was just a dress. I've seen way more revealing outfits during the 5 o'clock news, just saying.

For what it's worth, Liberte Chan says she wasn't offended by any of the events of #Sweatergate, and the infamous black dress was actually her backup.

[via KTLA] [h/t YouTube.com, Roll & Rock]